Saturday, September 21, 2013

I guessed not

You always asked me
what time I got home
when you left
without me...
I always told you
it was none of your damn business
I knew you left me
to go to someone else
so why did it matter... when
I got home... alone?

I'd tell you I was going out
and all the things I'd do
just to make you jealous
I was screaming inside
please care..
Tell me you don't want
me going places
without you...
but you never did
and our little games
slowly eroded everything
until there was nothing
to hold on to

Remembering all the meetings
we planned...
and you never came
each time... me believing
and being there
wondering... what it was
that always kept you away
bringing you presents

The whole strange relationship
was never fair
for all the questions
you asked...
for all the answers
I never gave...
for all the waiting I did
and all the leaving
you did...
left nothing but a moving away
from each other
and I never guessed
until the end...