Saturday, September 21, 2013

Organize your time

There is a time for everything and patience is part of it.  In order to accomplish all that we want or need to do we must first organize ourselves and our priorities.

We want to jump in first with what we most desire to do and sometimes neglect what it is necessary we do, and sometimes we cannot do them all!  But if we take a breath and slow down we can better arrange ourselves and our schedules so that we can accomplish more than we thought we could.

Too often we spend so much time in worry and running around in a frenzy that we actually waste precious time.  For when we are in a stressed mode, weighed down by have to's and and want to's we lose precious energy doing nothing but worry about how we can succeed in doing all those somethings.

Soon we find that time has escaped us and we have accomplished virtually nothing, causing even more frustration.  Get up early enough to be still with God.  So that you never begin a day rushed.

Make a list for the day that will help it progress more smoothly and that nothing will be forgotten.  Then arrange them in the best order to facilitate the least amount of time spent running to and fro.

When you are engaged in an activity release your mind from thinking about the other things you need to do so that you can concentrate on what you are doing and get the most from it.

Too often our minds are are on the next step and not in the now and we waste our life away.  Give yourself to what you are doing.  Life lived in  consciousnesses allows you to get more from the moment.

Don't hurry.  Take time to breathe, to see, to enjoy.  The next thing to do will come soon enough.  Take time to stop periodically to just be aware and to be grateful of your existence and all the beauty of the day.

It is the only today you have.  Tomorrow will come soon enough.