Monday, November 4, 2013

I received a letter

I received a letter today and it filled me with both joy and sorrow. Joy for the receipt of it, for it is a person I have held most dear, and I felt sorrow for how little it said and how much it revealed.

It was a "me" letter speaking of another accomplishment. It didn't address any caring, or missing you, or acknowledge so much unsaid between us. And this saddened me both for the loss of what I felt was once there a long time ago, or for the lost art of letter writing which used to express so much more.

I suppose the fact that it was written and sent is a reaching out in inself. And what do I want to do with it or about it? I'm not sure. Do people realize what is unspoken says as much as when we write or speak?

Silence too is a form of communicating. What if you open your heart and receive nothing in return but the lost echo of your own words? When is it appropriate to leave well enough alone?

"What would Jesus do?" is the latest saying and a good one to make us truly consider our options. God help all wounds heal, mine as well as others. Let me truthful with myself at least . Let me mourn and release and accept what is. Let me not have expectations of others but instead seek a greater spiritual growth within myself.

Let me withhold judgements, for they are not for me to make. Let me treasure the small gifts of a familiar hand and not concentrate on what it says. Let me be at peace with myself.

Let me recognize the small miracle of a letter in itself. God does work in mysterious ways. Remember to be grateful for all that we receive.

Some things are not for our immediate understanding. Have faith that God knows more than we do and all will be revealed in time.

Trust, faith, belief, these are God's messages. He loves us unconditionally and will always show us the way. Be in thoughtful silence and the answer will come to you.