Monday, December 2, 2013

Be an example in life

God gave us words that we may communicate. God gave us truths that we may believe. God gave us His only son that we may be saved.

God, our Father, loves us more than we could ever imagine. God gave us life that we may experience and remember. That we may love and share. That we may serve and find purpose.

For this is our journey and we touch the lives of those we pass along the way. Be an example of God's love in your sharing, giving, loving, and in your faith.

We teach most, not with words but by example. Be an example of love in action. When you see someone in need, don't close your eyes and pass by. What would Jesus do?

Do what is necessary and do it with heartfelt love. For whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do for me. So said Jesus.

This life is not about who accumulates the most things, although possessions themselves are not evil. God wants us to have abundance, but not as our sole purpose in life.

We are here to learn, to teach, to remember and to exhibit the love of God that we have been blessed with. God will show us the way if we let him.

Pray for guidance, for insight, for strength through trails and faith that all will be well. We cannot always see the purpose behind events as they happen.

Look for the lesson in all things. Be open to hear, to know a greater intent than what is happening in the moment. Be at peace knowing God will show you the way.

He sends angels to guide you. To whisper in your ear. To protect you in times of danger, and to offer you unconditional love.

We are never alone on this journey of life for we are accompanied always by heavenly hosts. Seek divine guidance and rightful living. Communication through daily prayer. Unwavering faith. And always as a child of God by example.