Monday, December 2, 2013

Life is like the sea

Life's trails are like sea shells on the beach you come upon them one at a time. The are all different indesign and color and you often wonder what brought them to where they are.

If you put them to your ear you can hear the peace of the ocean. And if we listen in life we can hear the still small voice in our ear that tells us "everything will be okay".

That is our guardian angel speaking to us. Life like the ocean has its ebbs and flows. Nothing is constant except the divine. He is always with us, steadying us in our faith, guiding us with His eternal light, and comforting us with His endless love.

Like the sea we all have our stormy times. And times of calm and peacefulness. Each day the sun rises and the sun sets and if we bother to notice we find each one unique and magnificent.

Driftwood is like some of us gliding through life without true consciousness and washing up on shore unsure of what brought us there.

Sometimes life is a tangle like the seaweed that wraps itself around whatever it encounters. Life like the sea is full of hidden dangers, drop offs, and debris. Be aware on your journey, seek guidance of the divine.

Rid yourself of the excess baggage of hidden anger, fear, prejudice, hatred, and all negativity which are pollutants to the spirit. Much rainfall, runoff, drainage, and others sources finds its way into our seas.

Be careful of what you allow into the environment to be washed away as well as what you expose yourself to in life. Be of good company. Do not enter where your angels will not go.

Do not expose yourself to the sickness of evil or violence. Clean your beaches and your heart that they may both be pure. All things are divine gifts to be treated with respect and gratitude that they my thrive.