Saturday, May 9, 2015

Be in balance

I feel a deficit in my life lately and realize I have not taken any time for fun, or enjoyment. Without it, like any other need, your life becomes imbalanced. You feel as if your equilibrium is out of whack. Angels understand fun and even God has a sense of humor.

Without time for fun our sense of joy decreases as well as our energy. I need to plan a day of external happiness and sharing and take the angles along. To be in contact with my love of nature, the sea, a long slow drive, as well as inner peace.

We all have certain places that rejuvenate our spirit. They are like a magnetic field to joy and laughter, harmony and our sense of serenity. Our purpose is to honor all our needs. For when we neglect them we feel an emptiness, a restlessness of spirit.

When we recognize and pinpoint where we feel depleted and honor that need we again feel in tune with our spirit, more useful, and have a greater sense of accomplishment. Take time to embrace life. Take time for self.

Recognize and respond to your needs. This is a way of honoring the spirit. Schedule time to be joyful, creative, loving, without expectation. It is an energy booster. Do something unexpected, just for the fun of it, like taking a walk in the rain.

Embrace life. Play an old disco tune and dance when no one else is around to see. You'll be surprised at how uplifting it can be. God made joy as a way of praising life. Part of faith is honoring the spiritual self in all its requirements.

There are times to be still, times to be active, and times to be joyful. They are all ways to express our love of the divine. Nothing we do is separate from divine spirit. Take it with you. Party with the angels and have fun enjoying  the creation of God.