Saturday, May 23, 2015


On the wide beach when evening comes
touching the sky, the reddened sun
drops out of sight and darkness plumbs
over the waves, day is done

Walking the sand on the beach alone
the breeze to ruffle my head
I feel as if the world is mine to own
and the sea sound cradles me in bed

The night calls of each passing ship
slipping by on the tide
echoes the sound from my lips
and in my dreams I sail the ocean wide

That yellow orb of mister sun
as I sleep the night through
is on the other side visiting everyone
on the earth, until day breaks anew

Then home he comes over sea and sand,
lighting water and each pile of rock
home to a wordless, sleepy, waiting world
lighting ships, beach and dock

I awake to Mr. sun, all the beauty I am seeing
free of shelter, unconfined, content to be
alone upon my beach, not another being
alive to all I feel, and free