Thursday, May 14, 2015


Lead me on the road to closure with the past path, clear away all the roadblocks on the way so that I may take the next juncture with a clear highway to the future. I know that God has plans for me and in order for them to be realized I must do all my homework, close the doors to the past and open the window to the future.

I must not leave any unfinished business to block my way or the transition will run into obstacles. Each day that I search back and heal all those open woulds that have been festering the quicker I can heal and move on.

Bandages themselves don't do the trick, they're just a temporary solution. We must cleanse those wounds that they may close and heal even if it leaves a small scar. Soon you won't even remember what caused it to begin with.

That's putting the past behind and moving on to a new road, a better place, a greener valley, and a more peaceful, fulfilling life. I can feel it already God, that inner enlightenment as I release all the garbage from the past.

It won't be needed on the new path for there will be new work to do, a new purpose to accomplish, and new mountains to climb. Just as the sun sets each day and there is closure to that day so the next morning it rises again to a new beginning and a new day and everything is as though brand new. So too is closure a new beginning.