Sunday, May 17, 2015

Matters for time

Time heals - I can hear your name
or look at your picture
without my heart stop beating
and my sensations stir

I know the time has come
when I could walk in the door
and look upon your face
smile - nothing more

I can now look in the drawer
where I kept your letters
without choking out a sob
for words that didn't matter

and I can still recollect a place
upon the ocean shore
we ate, held hands and vowed our love
it's a place - nothing more

I don't need to plead my cause
now that time is past
the worlds are silent - unuttered
and I'm free at last

My life is my own
I've earned the right to it
no more tears and despair
for something so long ago
one tarnished affair
I'm happier now
what matters if you care?