Monday, May 11, 2015


Faith is having doubt, for without doubt there is no need for faith. Doubt is the small pauses in between, the stops along the way that give greater pleasure to the whole of life.

We need pauses to clarify the work at hand. Like thinking and rearranging before we speak so what we say is clear. Doubts are the thoughts that come in the night that we could do better and then getting up the next day to try again.

Even Jesus said "my God, my God, why have you deserted me?", the doubt that made his death and resurrection more poignant. Doubt is but a resting point to go on in greater faith.

Doubt is so we turn to God in prayer for the strength we need. Doubt is so that He can show us the way. Doubt is struggling and doing the right thing anyway.

Faith is the light on in doubt's darkness, all we have to do is flip the switch of belief by turning to God for solutions. Doubt is not without hope, it is just a question.

It is human to encounter doubt at the door, it is faith that doesn't let it in as a permanent resident. That is why God has put so many promises in the scriptures for our dark days of doubt to lift us up again.

He knows us and He provides even for those times and also tells us seek and ye shall find, and that's what we do when we read His words. Seek the answers to our doubts, remember God's promises and then rekindle the candle of faith.