Sunday, July 28, 2013

Letting the wrong word slip

I remember the first time,
.... It started with a kiss
and that one led to another
and another...
and another...
You kissed so creatively.
When you asked to touch me
I was caught between
yes... and no,
... and yes again.
It was your personal uniqueness
of getting a message through,
and I wanted your touch much.
I felt as though... my blood
had been heated
by overwhelming forces,
the sensuality of your being
but I won't come alone...
I wanted to make sure
we both felt something.
To share with you... my passion
my capacity for love,
and joy...
You sapped my will... you know.
I had been good for so long,
until I laid with you...
and told you I wanted you.
I used to look at you
when you were unawares
and think "oh, I want him" myself.
And then I had this lack of will
to stop what had been started.
At that moment...
we were co-creators of our fate,
committed people.
It was a voluntary surrender
on both parts.
A feeling of silent joy...
and anticipation... prevailed
as we removed our garments
in our private corners.
But when we had undressed
and I felt your warmth
pressed over me,
and my body was in touch,
... with your body,
and when you entered me
it was a filling of all of me
as though before this moment
I had been suffering...
from a lack of wholeness.
Allow me to introduce my body... to you.
You were so soft to touch, and stroke
and almost instantly... you moved me passion
in stops... and starts
like 10,000 explosions
over and over...
and over...
and over...
You were in complete control
...over my body,
as you moved so rhythmically
moving your pelvis... forward and back
penetrating as deep as... you could.
A brief diet of uninhibitedness
and personal release
I had held in store... much too long
were unleashed on you
as I wrapped myself around you.
And I remember how magnificently
slippery and sweaty we were,
I can still feel it...
Our bodies slid together
like grass we from the dew,
and the soft tones of your voice
...caressed me
and we blew each other cool
until we felt the pulse of feelings
...stir again,
because you were still throbbing
in me... I became aware
of your life' flow.
And you kissed and sucked by breasts
and I confessed... I love you,
it slipped beyond my consciousness,
I hadn't meat to tell you soon.
That one word...
the beginning of the end.