Thursday, July 11, 2013


The impossible man
The man with the ebony penis ten feet tall
The man of pentelikon marble
The man with the veined bronze fig leaf which comes unhinged
The man who's afraid to get pregnant
The man who screws in his socks
The man who screws in his glasses
The man who screws in his sunglasses
The man who gets married a virgin
The man who married virgin
The man who wilts out of guilt
The man who adores his mother
The man who makes it with fruit
The husband who never has time
The husband who would rather have power
The poet who'd rather have boys
The conductor who loves his baton
The analyst who writes "poems"
All these Adonises
All these respected gents
Those descended
and those undescended
Will drive me out of my skull
sooner or later...