Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The gift of life

The package is in the mail.  Your gift is on the way.  What you ordered will be received.  Have no doubts.  Have no fear.  For what you asked.  God did hear.  He always hears us!

Now affirm that it will arrive.  When we ask and then don't believe, need we wonder why we don't receive? We lack faith when we don't acknowledge and express our gratitude, knowing that help is on the way.

It will be manifested in whatever way best serves our highest good.  Our blessings unfold and open to us. Sometimes slowly, petal by petal but always in Divine time.

By Divine will be positive in words and actions.  Be faith in action by proceeding with life, working toward your goals.  To be in faith is to live with purpose.

We create and realize each experience through conscious actualization.  Be in alignment with your true purpose.  When we are aligned with Divine destiny, our spiritual reality, we feel a rightness of living, an inner peace.

What we create, learn, practice, share, we do in joy.  Constantly work on improving the product of self. Enlightenment of spirit.  A seeking of knowledge.  Spiritual growth.

Be true to yourself, honor your spirit.  Acknowledge the Divine within.  As a child of God, live consciously. Strive to always give your best.  Act as if you are working for God.

Do each task as an offering of spirit and your will do it well.  Nothing is too trivial to do right.  Take pride in all that you do.  Pay attention.  Accomplish with love and care.

Everything is a gift of life.  Start each day as if you were opening a package, with reverence, in anticipation, filled with joy.  With this attitude you will not be disappointed.

Remember this day will not come again.  It is the only present we have.  Face it eagerly, savor each moment. Don't squander it or numb yourself to it.  Be attentive.

The gift of life is here and now.