Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not a soul around

I am always longing
to write you... about so
many things... things I
see and know you would
enjoy.  The bougainvillea all
in bloom in wild magenta's.
It has so many blossoms
that it's flowering over with color.
Seeing the desert at sunset
when it was alive with oranges
of every hue... and the cool
green valley I saw... So
green it was almost blue
and the creek running thru
and all around mountains
alive with trees... pines,
tall and stately; willows
flowing and soft... and
brush all around...
I wanted to just lay in
that meadow and be
absorbed in it all...
There was a wonderful
old oak tree... sturdy,
and strong and powerful,
and you just knew...
very, very old... It looked
over the valley like it's
guardian angel.  I got
the feeling of being so tiny
amongst all this grandeur...
I came across this lake
while riding through
the countryside... In the
middle was this still
island... not attached to
anything... and just
floating around at will
Oh, to be an island...
floating around in the stream
of life.  But my favorite
place, as you know,
is always the sea... something
about it always draws
me.  I found a lovely,
private area you have to
clamber down the rocks to
get to... and it was so
clean and peaceful... the
sand shimmered like ground
glass... the whitecaps
were large and came crashing
in... and not a soul was
there but me... and I felt
so alone.... without you there