Saturday, July 27, 2013

Road of faith

My heart has opened to a new capacity of feeling and my spirit soars basking in your love and enlightenment.  I realize what has passed before is not a waste but a learning that led me to a new joy of living.  You've given me a new for depth and medium for expression, a world of words that flows freely from pen to paper, from keyboard to blog, like paint to canvas.

I do not worry were you are leading me for I know you know and that is enough.  I feel as the butterfly I see flitting amount the plants or the hawk soaring overhead - so free I could almost fly and glide upon the current of your love.

This is how my spirit now soars and my heart feels enlarged ten-times with the love I have and it overflows into all that is around me.  I am part of all nature and everything that exists.  All things share life giving and receiving from each other.

We can send out our feelings and prayers into the universe and they will join with many others creating an energy of love that will expand and grow, touching the lives of others along the way.  My journey of fear has ceased on this road of faith.