Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Words are God's tools

God is the creator of the word and of languages that were giving to us to express the word.  When we speak in faith we speak in truth.

We we let the ego control what we we speak then it is not from the spirit or the heart, but only of the mind.  Be conscious of what you say.

Look within to know from where the words arise.  Are they from faith and love and therefore good or are we letting the ego control our tongue and thoughts which allows them to cause hurt to another?

Be in truth with yourself.  Examine the words before you speak and swallow those that are not the results of spirit, truth, and love.

It is better to leave an unkindness unsaid.  Think before you speak is truly God's wisdom and reminds us to examine our hearts before we open our mouths.

It is better to leave a hurtful word unsaid rather than live with regret.  Truth spoken in love will have no sharp edges to wound.

Faith helps us to see the difference.  For through it God enlightens us and helps us to see the loving thoughts we wish to convey and He helps us form them into words spoken and released into the universe where they echo back to us.

We can think not only "what would Jesus do?", but in the circumstances "what would Jesus say?" and let our faith and love and His truth guide us in our spoken words.

Do not speak until you understand the whole truth behind every situation or you will be expressing a lie unknowingly.

The ego is always in a rush to state an opinion.  Love withholds judgement and lets truth unfold in time, allow us to see the big picture.

Not everything is about us and we don't need to have an opinion about everything, especially one without understanding.  Take a breath, listen and learn.