Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trust in God

Trust in the Lord.  Put your faith in Him before others.  Ask for His guidance and surrender the outcome of events to His hands knowing God always has your best interests at heart.

Have faith, even in the darkest hour.  Who loves you more than your Divine Father?  Those who do evil to another will experience the wrath of the Lord.

He is aware of all things.  We only need but ask and desire His help, ask for assistance, believe in His all-powerfullness and His love, surrender to His will to receive the benefit of His blessings.  Desire, ask, believe, receive.

God has made this promise to us.  But we must first ask.  For God has given us free will.  He is waiting for us to seek Him.  Waiting for us to acknowledge that without Him we are helpless in our struggles.

He is the hope of the world.  The light in the darkness. The all seeing, all knowing power of all creation. God's wisdom is greater than ours.  Where we have doubts, He is the light of faith.

When we are worried, He is the strength of the all-knowing.  We we are jealous, He is the means to contentment.  When we feel betrayed He will help us to forgive.

When we are angry He will fill us with peace.  When we feel abandoned He will shower us with love.  When we are sad He will overwhelm us with Joy.

We are never powerless when we ask God to lead us out of the darkness.  Never helpless in His great care. He will send legions of angels to watch over you.

He is everywhere and in all things.  We are on a mission and God has sent us.  Life isn't an accident but a divine plan.  The Lord doesn't make mistakes. Trust in His will.  Follow where He leads, be conscious in all you do so that you are aware of your path, that you may encounter angels unawares.