Saturday, July 20, 2013


The smell of summer is to me
sweet honeysuckle in the air
yellow honey bees everywhere
loading up with pollen
The sound of summer is to me
crickets singing through the night
birds calling while in flight
and grasshoppers making their own sound
a fresh creek rippling over ground
The colors of summer are to me
almost too hard to describe
there are the blues of the sea tide
all the glorious colors of the flowers
and the tan skin people get
from laying in the sun for hours
There's the white stillness of a hot day
children screeching out at play
kids so glad that there's no school
but this is the loneliest summer I ever knew
for I have spent it without you
and all the beauty I have missed
because there was no one to share it with
Oh, my love, why did you go away
before the beautiful summer days
that were here to share with you
now all the colors of summer are--blue