Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A few crumbs

You used me..
as an object of your sympathy
I told you at the start
I wouldn't play a substitution part
then you discarded me....
like so much rubbish... thoughtlessly
when you started to get your life
put back together again... cut me like a knife
you wouldn't even talk to me
left me drowning in the sea
knowing how much I have cared for you,
and how much I still care... do
you honestly say... you want to face me
day after day
every time I look at you
I realize how much I love you still
I don't know where I'm at
so I'll leave the decisions to you... until
I honestly know what to do
yes, you see I still want to reach out
and touch you, and hold you...
and kiss you all over... and tell you about
how I feel... and to make love to you
and I want to die, I am so blue
because I know you don't care
and never did... if you dare
please tell me
When do I stop hurting?
When do I stop wanting you?
When do I stop loving you?
When do you learn to be true?
I've only been getting through the days
on Valium and Tequila Sunrises, as in a haze
since you said I helped your ego
when you found you could get to me
when no one else could... your vanity
you can add a notch to your belt today
Is it possible to be JUST your friend?
you know I've always been your friend anyway
I didn't want to take you from anyone
all I wanted was a few crumbs of your life
I have a life of my own you know
I didn't ask to be your wife
I'm not going to find someone else
to fill in for you and pass the hurt on to
that's not my style... I'm me, not you
I don't love easily, but I'm capable of
caring deeply... finding a replacement for your love
for those reasons would not only hurt someone
but would cheapen me... I'm too proud
to have that done... to anyone
but you can keep running away and
pretend I don't have any feelings... I understand
you don't have to sit down and talk to me
silence is as much an answer as
anything else you know... naturally
it just takes less courage... it was
to me worth the bother... or I wouldn't
have loved you so... I know.