Monday, August 26, 2013

This too, this too

I bequeath you all I have
upon my bed with death
my love of the oceanside,
of life, of you, and all the rest
that lives within this heart
of mine... my dreams that haunt
my world... may I when I depart
this life come to visit you within
your nights and touch you light
as a feather, remembering I have been

More am I than carved of bone
I am created by what touched me
the passion you created within
my soul... leaving my thoughts run free
to shine up with the stars at night
and be the warmth of earth
I bequeath you all you gave to me
with this love you helped give birth

See this beauty through my eyes
for this I will to you... oh one,
who taught me how to love
but this love of life, and you
this too, this too, I will give
when this my life is through...