Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Love's vivid clarity

When our love was new
the whole world seemed to take on
a new vivid clarity....
When I looked at the mountains
every tuft of grass... every
cray and crevice were visible also
and I felt a thousand eyes staring
back... wild creatures wondering
who this is invading their every
hiding place... with her eyes
When I visited the sea
each pound of the surf was intensified
roaring... rumbling... speaking
the sand sparkled more brightly
like minute particles of ground diamonds
In the mountains the slightest movement
of the wind through the trees was
perceptible to my ears... and the brook
though some walking distance away
came to play music to my ears...
Each flower in its movement was waving to me
It's like being on the pentacle of the mountaintop
and you know... shortly you must make your way
back down... back to earth... so was my love