Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Her haven awaiting

The sea nymph earned her right
to paradise... paying the price
exacted as has always been
by love's sweet sacrifice

Into the seaweed mother
lurking far down below
lulled upon the waves of the ocean
where she resides... man doesn't know

Her castle... the shells surrounding
lost love her bed of memories
timelessness her haven awaiting
abiding in the endless seas

No longer for love need she go looking
it was lost in the surf's foam
cast out upon the rocks unwanted
now she can rest... she is at home

No prince is mortal man
and his offerings were wrong
for the princess of the sea
she must stay where she belongs

To do without the caring
against this she must close her heart
for to grasp at human yearnings
means from peace one must depart

Leave the sea nymph to her sea life
this pain she can do without
better off she is in paradise
gone from life's uncertain doubt