Saturday, August 17, 2013

Making a collection

I'm making a collection in my mind
about you... and I did find
among the assortment... your special grin
with hardly a stubble on your strong chin,
your delightful imagination...
and the Hawaiian accentuation
of all your words... your tan
skin... I know you like no other man
I have known... your black curly hair
and the way that you stare...
I remember the softness of your skin
and the way you felt when you were in
me... and how our passion did rise
oh, and the sparkle of your brown eyes,
and how you would sneak up behind
me... and cup each breast... I didn't mind
really... I really enjoyed it.
And the times when we would sit
awhile... and talk, just talk
and the time at the beach when we took a walk
in our stocking feet through the sand
and you reached over and took my hand
and we sat and watched the sea
at the Sea Lion palace, you across from me
It was a perfect day of bliss
and it ended with a kiss... but what a kiss.
The fun we had at the hockey games
you always got so excited... screaming names
of players... it was such fun,
and the drive we took to be out in the sun
You said it was... too nice a day
to stay in... oh, the games you like to play...
There's many more... just things so small
but when I put them together and count them all
there's quite a collection of memories
like the way you always sneeze
when you're round powder
Just little things you do...
my small collection of me and you.