Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alive, in dreams

I am a dream machine
programming myself
at the midnight hour
for nighttime visions
to descend and
daytime fantasies to devour
to solve my problems
in the mist
of phantoms wanderlust
bringing peacefulness to one
who has learned but to distrust
people populated morns
lips moving, words not meant
instead I'll take dark reborn
ghosts... controlled by my mind
not to rebuke, not to scorn
the unhappy creature they find
laying softly in her bed
visited by one dear muse
now that nighttime did descend
hiding all the ugliness
life does hold... soon
daylight comes... night must end
oh, if I could by hold it back
keep out the light
hold in the black
then with me entering
become not real
only living in a dream