Monday, August 12, 2013

Found it at last

As I walked upon the sand
on a cold winters day
I came upon a peacefulness
watching the water play
running out, coming back
the cares gone from my face
it showed me just how small am I
compared to this ocean place
I said good morning to the day
as the sun rose in the sky
it came to warm the waters
I breathed a relieving sigh
in tiredness I had come
and drove down to the beach
my long search had ended
peace, at last, was within reach
I've wandered through a lifetime
searching far and wide
longing to find the simpleness
found at the ocean side
I hadn't found it in the city streets
or in crowded busy stores
in country places, too, I had looked
I found it here at the seashore
my heart has been awakened
as if it found its own daylight
I run, and lay, here all the day
and stay here clear till night
I sit upon the rock pilings
and watch the ocean flow
lapping around my dangling feet
I wish I had found this long ago