Monday, August 5, 2013

In God's Hands

Today I leave things in God's hands.  There are times when we are going through an ordeal when we cannot see through to the other side. When we ourselves have no control over the outcome and we are uncertain and afraid.

That is when it's time to let go and let God.  To put our trust and faith in Him that He will resolve everything to our best interests. Have no doubt that the Divine knows where this path is leading and what is waiting around the bend.

He sees the strength and spiritual growth in the process we are living through. Believe in yourself as you believe in the Almighty.

This experience you are living through is a gift in your development.  God knows you are capable of enduring and growing through every ordeal in your life, this one included.

First you must surrender your will to the Diving.  You must eliminate fear and doubt and any rigid expectations to an outcome.

God always gives more than we would ever dream possible.  Embrace the lesson for what it is. Take this time to work on yourself. To acknowledge your belief in all-that-I-am and your own power to endure as a child of God.

You are worthy to receive abundance and all the good the Divine lovingly bestows on you. Be at peace. Welcome the challenges of life as a period of grace.

When you develop a closer relationship to the Almighty, when you take time to pray, meditate, study and release,  you will receive. You have lived through more before and began again.

Realize this too is a new beginning in the making. It is a doorway to a new path to which faith is the key that is being molded by circumstances to fit the lock holding you back.

On the other side of this door is a glorious new future awaiting.  The dragons will be slayed in Divine time and you will emerge a stronger, more courageous spirit for having overcome another obstacle on your way to perfection and remembering your true self, which is divine.