Friday, April 25, 2014

A new way to live

Honor all things; the plants, the animals, the stately trees, the birds, and each other - for we are all God's creations. We should spend less time worrying about petty issues and more time talking to God, listening and counting our blessings.

It is we humans that make life difficult, always in a hurry, stressed and  anxious to get the next project done, to meet the deadline, to be out at the stroke of five or work long into the night. And we call this living?

We are always hurrying our children to recitals, games, piano lessons, school or somewhere. Teaching them that life is a constant battle to be somewhere and filled with constant busyness.

When they do sit it is planted in front of the T.V. filled with action and violence. Is this truly the life we want to live? Most of us work at jobs we dislike but are afraid to make a change fearing financial insecurity.

We don't take time for a break or lunch fearing we will get further behind. We go in on weekends to try to catch up but never really do. We have forgotten why we're here and don't see that there is a larger purpose to our life until we're jolted away by some calamity or job loss, illness or a sudden inspiration where we ask God "is this really where I'm supposed to be?" and He answers us, and usually very quickly.

When we start asking we start receiving answers. For God knows we are finally ready to listen, to ask for guidance, and to accept a new way of living. He has a way of slowing us down so that so may see, of giving us what we need that we may believe.

He sends us the teachers we need that we may learn and provides us with the abundance we need to get us through until He reveals our new path to us that we may serve Him in the capacity we were meant to. He teaches us awareness, appreciation, and love, patience and understanding and faith. Then we truly live.