Sunday, April 20, 2014

Open yourself to God

We must learn to let go for we are not in control but God is. Just as mothers we must learn to let go as our children grow. We can only do our best in all situations and have faith in the right outcome. We can teach by example, by setting boundaries, and by establishing good communications.

That is required in our own spiritual growth as well as in parenting, and at time we ourselves are directed to become  as children. Part of this is to see things with wonder. To be aware of the smallest things. To see not just the tree but each leaf, each twig and not just the branches.

Our children too are our outgrowths of not only our teaching but life's lessons as well. We can only experience for ourselves but we can learn from the children to see life in the grander capacity that it is. To overlook nothing. To take time to play and to just be. To laugh often and to skip and dance just for the joy of it.

Love to learn. Be open to new experience. Have trust in the Father and in the experiences of life. That they are means of growth and not punishments. Ask "what can I learn?" "What are you wishing to teach me, Oh God?" We are never too old for life changes.

To live, to love, to grow, to share, and to become a child in faith. God does provide. He cradles us in the palm of His hand and holds us close to His heart. The more open we are, the more willing, the more we are able to receive, to hear, to experience and to know.

Learn to seek, to as and to listen to the answers God sends. Learn to count your blessings and include each day as a gift of God's glory in all its magnificence. There are so many more things God wants to show us, a new life of possibilities, a new path leading to places we may have only wondered about.

Enlightenment is a great gift and all we have to do is open our spirit. Here God, here I am. Let me be willing to see what you want me to see and learn what you want me to learn and server however I can serve you. Amen!