Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Self Truth

Many times we lie to ourselves even though we are unaware we are being internally untruthful. We may say we are ready for a lifetime commitment or marriage when we are not. Our spirit then is in conflict and the strongest truth, though subconsciously, wins out. How?

By attracting to ourselves those that will serve that truth through their unwillingness to make a commitment.  Some may even say thy are but their actions speak the truth even though verbally they may say what they think you are wanting to hear.

Look into their eyes. It is the window of the soul. You will see the truth there but you must be willing to look and not misinterpret what you want to see.

That is why we must be willing to search our heart and do our homework so that we may live in the truth and in full awareness of the messages we send to others. Otherwise we keep repeating the patterns unconsciously and wonder why we keep attracting those that bring the same similar experience to us.

We must be willing to look at our own pain. The blocks and barriers we put up that are preventing our getting what we say we want. What energy are we putting out that attracts the negative energy is like a magnet. It draws to us what we are subconsciously seeking.

In order to change the pattern we must change the energy. We can only do this by recognizing and releasing. By giving ourselves permission to attract and accept the love and happiness we deserve in life.

What fears do we have over the issue? Are we afraid of losing the freedom that we value? Is it a rejection from your childhood? A broken home and the trauma your psyche experienced and the fear that the same thing might happen to you?

It is not easy seeking the truth that you have been hiding from your conscious self  but it is the only way to heal and to live the truth you consciously seek and to find peace.