Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Time Runs Out

I am dying, yes
each person's dealings
with the concept of death
are as individual
as they are...
but the weight of the enormity
of this final act
is shared by each one of us
in turn... our time runs out
most of us desire
a finish free of pain
and suffering...
I always felt... for myself
that the more I learned
the better able I would be
to cope with it
because of understanding
I found this not
to be true
as in losing love
and being told
death... for you... is at hand
the first gut reaction
is one of disbelief
"not me"
they must be mistaken!
it is unreal
as if in a dream trance
therefore we deny the truth
of its happening
though short lived..
following denial is anger
"why me?"
what have I done to deserve this?
gone are my wicked ways of youth
death, no, lost love, no
it's too soon
I have so much left
that I want to accomplish...
I'll find another love
and mend my heart too
oh, but this anger must be expressed
it is a natural feeling
of hostility and frustration
and so, with a dying breath
we spit on the world
as we expire...