Monday, April 28, 2014

God show me how

God show me the way to help others. To teach them that you will lift them up when they are down, that things do work out according to your plan not in our time frame but when the time is right and only God knows that.

To understand when we release ourselves completely to His will is when He can move mountains in our life. For only when we release are we prepared to listen, to be guided, to stop holding on to the outcomes but understand that God knows what is best for us.

That through life's lessons He is teaching us and preparing us to do His work. We are like steel being forged in the fire, as He has different assignments for each of us the lessons themselves will be different for each of us. We cannot judge what is happening in our life to others.

When we concentrate on control we are too busy to appreciate, to see the beauty around us. God never deserts us, not even in our darkest hour. He reaches out to us in love and teaches us what we need to understand through love and patience.

It is we who are always in a hurry. Some lessons cannot be hurried because they are to teach us patience and how to slow down and truly see, to be in the now and appreciate each day as the gift it is.

When we learn to think of others we also are able to reach out beyond ourselves and our human problems. We can see things as if in a panoramic view. There is more than our own pain, our worry, our needs.

When we start caring about helping others we grow in spirit. God wants us to see the larger picture in life. It is needed now as never before in our society where people have lost their belief. Where there is so much violence and lack of hope.

If each of us can help even a few the world would be a much better place. Do not be afraid to reach out, expand your mind beyond your own daily cares and God will lift you up even higher that you may touch the spirit of others. Miss no opportunity to do this.