Friday, April 25, 2014

My garden memories

Sometimes we just need to put down the routine and take a day to just be. To sit by the ocean and watch the waves, to feed a bird or two and see dozens come and circle overhead begging for attention.

To look at the clouds and see the beauty that they create against the sky. To watch a wee squirrel munch on a salad of weed leaves, cupping them so gently in his hands.

To notice shapes and colors, sound and movement, the fresh smells, the salty breeze and feel a part of it all. To enjoy a meal with a friend and share their company and thoughts.

To take a slow walk and truly see what is around you and to count your blessings of this day, to treasure it without hurry or worry.

It is these times that feed the spirit and rejuvenate us. Time shared is always twice the blessing as it now only is a joy to you but to your companion also. It is a memory your create together.

I have so many memories of good times shared. They far outweigh the bad times, which rarely come to mind. Small pleasures true but how rich a treasure.

When I think of an iced mocha I can think back to times with my girls, friends and wonderful days. The sight of the ocean brings up many memories all the way back to childhood. They mean more than any things I've ever owned and I look forward to creating many more.... memories.