Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reach Out

an inevitable thing
for all of us
yet we protest
this final act... of life
as children
we think of death
as being suddenly... alone
without... anyone
or all the things
that were so important
to us...
hasty dream
nightmare calling
wake up and see
oh, can I?
the scariest part of all
was not being able
to tell my loved ones
that I was going away...
but I would show them
for never caring enough
hoping I would be
missed... but doubting so
imagining myself
apart from my surroundings
was nearly impossible
of togetherness... of feeling alone
was enough...
I felt so helpless
I grieved for all
that I felt... could have been
this attention... to one
I knew was dying
is a realization on my part
we are all
crying... for help
if we could only learn
to reach out