Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Growing Consciously

To become conscious is to become responsible. You realize through your consciousness that your actions affect not only you but others and as this awareness grows so does your consciousness in all that you do.

In all of your decisions, in the way that you live. You realize that you spirit reflects in your attitude which others are attuned to. Feelings themselves create energy.

So in this consciousness you work to release the negativity such as fear and anger from your life and replace it with faith, love, peace, awareness. And when you do, not only do the people around you, but the universe itself responds in kind.

When you give up fear over your finances, for example, and stop feeling that you or your work are the source of your economy, you open the door to the abundance of the universe and you start receiving from sources you never even considered before.

When you start believing you can accomplish learning a new trade for example, instead of doubting your abilities, you open a window and your spirit to accept that personal growth.

Consciousness teaches us that what you believe you receive. You have stopped closing the door with your doubts and fears and opened the window to new possibilities to enter.

Your life becomes a thing of joy and wonder that affects not only your but those around you. When you think different and act different you become a new an different, more expanded, loving person.

When you give up fear you no longer feel you must clutch desperately holding onto what you have, but learn to share that abundance with others. You want to share the joy you are feeling and to teach others the power of spiritual living. Consciousness becomes not a way of attaining, but a way of living and giving.