Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Be a magnet to good

We are a magnet to our beliefs. As the old saying goes "be careful of what you ask for, you may get it". Be careful of what you believe to be true for "what you believe is what you receive". We attract our intentions or misconceptions to us.

Clarify your thoughts. Strain them of all negativity. Purify them with love. If something was marked poison most of us would not purposely eat it. But we allow it to grow in our minds like a cancer taking root in the cells of our being.

When negative thoughts come up delete them, reprogram your beliefs. What is in evidence is that we have the power to be positive, loving, joyful beings. Focus on all that is good and beautiful in life. God creates all the colors of the world, and a multitude of variety in the flowers and allows them to grow together side by side in the same garden.

Would that we behaved like the plants we would see that together our individuality combined is more beautiful, that there is no one superior or inferior in God's eyes for he obviously loves an assortment in all His creations.

Our opportunity is to plant our roots securely in spiritual belief and love. Fertilize it generously with faith and trust. Water it with right-living. Let the rays of peace and tranquility allow it to grow. Let it bloom in overwhelming joy and progress.

Let the seeds of good will blow upon all we touch in life, that others will gain from our friendships. May we attract the blessings God so generously grants. That each day we may receive just what we need to continue to thrive.

That we may focus on sharing our abundance that others may experience God's love. That we welcome everything with an open mind, and that we know in our hearts that all is well in God's world.