Monday, July 20, 2015

Imagine That

I ask for guidance in my life and along my path that I may walk with the Angels God sends all of us and in a greater awareness of the blessings He provides in our daily lives.

All the beauty of His creations, the sweet sounds of nature, the colors of the rainbow and flowers, the strength and purpose of the trees, and the glory of the clouds that pass before us, the breath of air that refreshes.

Everything in our world is a gift, a joy, a blessing from God. May we remember to be grateful for all the gifts we receive and not be mournful for more monetary things.

God gives us all we need and what we have is more than enough for it comes from God. When we put our faith, not in the world but in the Almighty the outcome of all situations is always for the highest good, even if we cannot see it at the time.

If we wait all blessings will be revealed to us. It is okay to ask God for enlightenment, for an understanding of the truths and to let go of a fixed outcome to a situation. God always gives us more than we ourselves could imagine.