Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Be Courageous

Be courageous enough to be who you are, a child of God created in love, free to experience an abundance of events in this existence. Be courageous enough to open your heart to all the possibilities in this lifetime.

Honor your spirit by being courageous enough to live in truth and love. Peel away all the false illusions, find your wings and soar. You chose to come here in this time, to this family and we have the freedom to choose how we react in consequence to our life experiences.

To be as limited or open as we have the courage to be. We can feel burdened or enhanced, withdrawn or willing, released or in fear. It's all up to us. Be courageous enough to hear opportunity knocking and open the door. God is the source of all possibilities and they are endless and amazing when we allow Him to guide us.

When we have the courage to reach out our hand and let Him free our spirit we have found the light and love we seek, and the oneness of all existence. In this oneness there is no separation, but all-that-is. True awareness and truth are courage, and freedom.

It is a journey of love and beauty, ever expanding light and knowledge which is greater consciousness. There is no void or fear in the light, only peace. We have the power to choose to live in the light of self awareness, to embrace it, to be whole, to acknowledge our greater self.

All we have to do is have the courage to return to remembering who we truly are. When we do we are never lost, never alone, we just are. Allow your feelings to flourish, unlimited in freedom so that your spirit can fly in the lightness. Courage is God's child without fear.