Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Journey

Make your intent clear, visualize, then give it to God. If it's for our greater good it will manifest in the right time. In the meantime do not sit idle, but prepare yourself so you will be ready. Your heart will tell you if you are on the right course.

The heart is like a compass to the soul. Listen to the self speak in your quietness. Do not drown it out with fears. The place you feel when you are on course is an answer itself. Be very conscious of your choices and think them through.

Do they honor your true feelings? Do they serve your right purpose? When we have outgrown a life choice we have made a dissatisfaction that starts invading our consciousness and again we need to listen and reevaluate why.

Has our path changed direction? Is it time to pursue a new dimension to life? Listen for the truth and do not fear change, but embrace it. For our right purpose will be served whether by choice or default. This is growth.

Follow your calling and you will be following your heart. Be committed to the journey for the path is your own and when you listen for truth you will not lose the way. Life is an adventure and each of us is a seeker.

Experience the journey both inward and outward for it is a journey of the spirit as well as the mind and the body, only more so. The spirit seeks the light which is the truth of the path, follow where it leads. Listen to the inner voice.

Release the fear of change and moving forward, else you will stagnate and be resentful. We are never too old to grow, to learn new truths, it isn't only for the young. Spirit has no age and neither does enlightenment.

It is accessible to all who journey. The divine is at the core of our being, always with us. He will carry us safely onward.