Monday, July 6, 2015


Out limited mind cannot imagine the infinite, thus we put limitations on everything in our world. Infinite is loving beyond all expectations. Infinite is faith that you will always be provided for, no matter what.

Infinite is believing you can accomplish anything you set out to do, prepare to accomplish it and work to succeed. Infinite is the power of choice, and to choose again and again. Infinite is how much God loves us.

Infinite is all the possibilities beyond imagination. There is no end. Whenever we think we have limitations we can go beyond those expectation to newer and higher levels. You can alter your thinking, thus altering your consciousness and expand your awareness beyond illusion which we mistake for truth.

Truths are being changed all the time as new discoveries make old truths obsolete. Knowledge is limited, wisdom is infinite. The only truths that are constant is divine truth for they consist of the wisdom of God and are given to us by the Holy Spirit.

In the greater reality we are part of infinity, of all-that-I-am living a limited existence in the experience of this earthly lifetime. There is a greater reality than who we are at this moment. The true essence of our spirit is beyond this time and place.

When we expand our consciousness, we realize a greater reality and move beyond who we think we are and awaken to the infinite in ourselves. To the oneness of all-that-is. Thus our spirit can burst from the confines of limitation and we know true joy.

Honor yourself and live in consciousness, in love, acknowledging all the wonders in infinite changing, miraculous beauty and possibility. Listen to the voice of spirit showing you the way.