Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One and only you

You are valuable, precious, one of a kind. You are the only you that has been created, even if you have a mirror image, still they are not you. Honor yourself as the creation of God that you are. You deserve all the abundance Gods sends.

Do not underrate yourself. If you were not worthy, you would not be here, experiencing life. See the uniqueness of your being amidst the endless variety of others and be grateful for who you are, for the life that is yours, and the gifts you came with.

Be present in yourself for no one else sees the universe quite like you. The birds sing just for you. The sun's warmth is yours to enjoy. The particular raindrops falling on you are not falling on someone else. If you didn't exist you would be missed.

The world would not be the same without your presence. There would be a void. There is an angel assigned just to you whose life purpose is to be with you. Your task is to experience life as who you are right now, this minute.

Be conscious of the moment in you existence. Breathe it in. You have all the possibilities, not in the future but right here, and right now. Change is constant as is growth and we are never the same. Take delight in each day as the gift of now and live in full consciousness, totally aware and grateful.

Tomorrow does not yet exist, why wait for it. If you always wait, to begin tomorrow, you will never begin. That is existence, not living. Allow yourself to absolutely be in the moment, aware of each note of music, each breathe inhaled and exhaled, each precious scent, sound and sight that is yours to enjoy as it unfolds.

Believe in yourself and your consciousness will expand. You are a precious child of God.