Saturday, July 4, 2015

Doubt Vs. Trust

Life is a symphony that can be either in harmony, that stimulates transformation and peace or a chaos of noise that is fear, doubt, and what if's shouting in your ear. To expand beyond doubt is to be in trust. Faith is trust enhanced.

Trust and fear cannot coexist in your spirit. One negates the other. To exist in fear is to live in constant worry. In this state you block out the ability to receive for you have closed the door. When you open yourself to trust, you awaken the spirit and clear out the doubts which leaves room to be filled abundantly with all the blessings God bestows.

Doubt crowds your spirit for it is always growing, filling you with what-ifs, fears, worries, and negativity. That is why when you are in fear you feel so heavy and sluggish. When you have faith and trust your spirit is free to soar.

You feel light and refreshed, and as if you could fly at times. Trust manifests love, light, joy, and wonder at the beauty of the universe. Trust in truth and that truth is eternal. Trust leaves us free to expand our consciousness.

We come to realize through trust that we are not separate beings only, but a part of all-that-is, and we realize a greater wholeness. Let the symphony of harmony speak to you. This is enlightenment and it transforms fear into love.

With love all things are possible. Love is the energy of all things. We have the gift of choice, therefore, we can select the more desirable way to live, in truth or in doubt. It is an alternative that frees us. Lightens us. Honors us.

To get here, we need to let go and let God into our lives. To live intuitively, to listen to the still small voice withing, guiding us. Bringing harmony into our lives. We are able to be more focused, to make conscious choices and to live harmoniously, in tune with our spirit self.