Saturday, July 11, 2015

Honor Yourself

Remember to honor others every chance you get as well as honoring yourself. Treat yourself as the worthy person you are and give yourself the gifts of joy, relaxation, a good book, a sacred space. Remember each day to honor your spirit and to be grateful for all your many blessings.

Share your blessings with your favorite charities, surprise your friends, give gratitude and daily prayers to brighten the lives of others. Make an effort to keep in touch frequently, it shows you care. Practice random acts of kindness to strangers.

Grow flowers to brighten your world and those that pass on the way. Feed the birds and the squirrels. Adopt a pet. Crochet blankets for gifts and don't forget to make the leftovers into blankets for the needy and the homeless.

Visit the aged, take them shopping. Bake some cookies for a neighbor. Be creative in giving but give of self as well as financially. It opens your heart to the world around you and changes not only your life but the lives of others you touch along the way.

Reclaim the wonder you felt as a child. Be creative. Smile at everyone you pass, it's contagious. Cook a little extra and share some with an elderly neighbor who doesn't cook anymore. There is no end to how you can give.

Put your mind and your imagination to work, you'll be surprised at how much pleasure it gives you. Encourage others to pass it on and they will find the joy of being the in spirit too. It costs very little but the pleasure it brings is priceless, not just to others but yourself.

It's a gift of cause and effect. You cause a change in the world around you and the effect is priceless. To alter an attitude with kindness effects our consciousness, remembers our spirit, honors ourselves by honoring others and brings a little sunshine to the world as well.