Thursday, December 3, 2015

Be in the moment

Life is a tool for learning. See the lessons and embrace them for the growth you acquire. Do not struggle with your life, it need not be difficult, God's blessings are always available. You need just ask, your Father, who loves you, for He will always provide.

He is the doorway to a new way of life, where fear does not reside, only infinite possibility, joy, abundance, and truthful existence. Be in the moment for therein lies God's promise for a new life. Be in awareness of His loving presence in all things.

The loving truth is that we are part of all-that-is, in the now. This is our personal power, the truth of living, and the result brings us into the light.

Be conscious in your seeking and the oneness of your acceptance, releasing all fear and doubt. Conscious acceptance leads to awakening, to the light, to the very now of existence. When we open our heart in acceptance we experience a great freedom, and we know we are safe in God's love.

When we are fully aware we are in harmony with our spirit. To be in harmony is to be at peace with yourself, with life, and with God. When we release the struggle we are open to receive and self-love, and worthiness, are some of the gifts.

When you realize, as a child of God, you've always been worthy of love, you can love yourself exactly as you are. We need but acknowledge His as our Father, and accept that He, in His infinite wisdom, created us in love.

Stop judging yourself, it is not your job. Only become aware and change will follow. God empowers us with His love when we choose Him, and make the choice to live consciously as His beloved child.

Release the illusion of expectation and "become" your higher self. It is not what you do, but who you are that counts. When you are yourself in truth, all else follows.