Friday, December 4, 2015

From fear to love

God knows who we are and what our needs are. He asks us to love unconditionally in return. That means without barriers or doors and hearts that are closed, for if they are we cannot receive all the blessings He bestows.

He has never left us, only guided us onto new paths. To worry is to obscure faith and trust with our human doubts. Blessings cannot be known until we are open to accept them. There are so many gifts He sends that we do not recognize at the time because we are stuck in the "what if" mode.

In God's world there are no what ifs, no "looking through a lens darkly". No negatives. When we honor life a little more each day we find ourselves living in a new world and we find ourselves different and new too, for we have an awareness of everything around us that before we were too blind to see, and we feel a oneness with the universe.

To transform ourselves into faithful followers we must constantly be closing the door on fear for it is an illusion that keeps cropping up to test us. The more of us that choose to live in the light of faith the brighter the world becomes.

Each time we choose to trust in God's love the more we honor ourselves and transform darkness into the light of fully living. Every time we remember we are God's children we honor His love and we transform our problems into new possibilities.

This message is not new. It has been said throughout the ages. All life is a chance to journey from fear to love. We only have to be ready to listen.