Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Angels are near

Angels are messengers and send us signs that God is real and He cares. They may show up as a soft billowy cloud with wings spread and arms reaching or a soft voice in our ear telling us "everything will be okay" in times of trouble.

They guide us, protect us, and love us unconditionally. Ask your angel her name and you will know. Seek their guidance and they will show you the way. They carry prayers to heaven and messages to earth.

They are present at every birth. Include them in your daily life, in times of joy, and times of strife. They let us know we are never alone. They are visibly acknowledged in the media, on T.V. in shows of miracles and comfort, magazine articles, and magazines themselves are dedicated to spreading the word that "they exist".

In times when we hear repeated stories of violence, it is comforting to know they are here and always near. You may feel their loving arms protecting, comforting, loving, and be reassured. At times they take human form, give aid, and disappear.

They are an image of peace, a message of faith, a gift of healing. They serve us through the power of the Divine. You have yours and I have mine. No one is not blessed with an angel, although some choose to ignore their guidance and deny belief.

Others have been comforted by them in times of grief. They tell us God has not left us. That our loved ones are safe and at peace. They come to carry us home when it is time. There are many documented visitations in the bible down to present times in the media.

We are never lost, nothing is unendurable, all things are possible. Be at peace. The angels come to tell us, all will be well, God loves us, and through His angels He blesses us.