Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day of preparation

Today is a day of anticipation, of being with family for the Holidays, of exchanging gifts and sharing a meal. For some it will be a white Christmas and for others the sun will shine. It is the season of giving and of gratitude, of joy and laughter, but more than that it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus who has come to redeem us.

To lie in a manger and so teach us humility. To have come from afar to teach us that life is a long and difficult road but also filled with numerous blessings. The shepherds left their flocks and followed the star to find Him and so too must we lay down our burdens and follow him.

He will guide our way and bring peace and meaning into our lives and fill it with abundance. Today is a day of preparation and perhaps a journey to be with those we love. To listen to Christmas chorals and sometimes sing along. To gather around the fireplace exchanging news and hopes for the year to come.

To admire the tree bejeweled with lights. Go to church and ready everything for the morrow when we get up anxious to exchange gifts and remembrances of love. Things we have taken time and care to select. On the T.V. will be the Christmas story, of times of magic and miracles, and new hope today, in our hearts, we too feel as children awaiting the wonder of the special day to come.

We will miss those who are far away and telephone lines will be humming. The smell of turkeys cooking will soon be permeating the air along with pies that are baking. The smell of cinnamon and apples and all good things along with the odor of pine and holly.

Mistletoe may hang from above for stealing kisses. If we treated each day like Christmas to come, the world would be a kinder place. If we remembered the true meaning of life more often and didn't save it for special occasions. To look to each day with anticipation and make God a major part of it. Then each day will be a blessings, a gift filled with wonder.