Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year

Today is an ending, but then again truly just a beginning on this journey of life for it is a pilgrimage of both growth and beauty if we let it be. We are seekers living the questions, looking for the answers.

We are explorers of life. Seeking the spiritual in the madness, the sacred in everyday life. Trying to be our authentic selves. On the road, there is a whole world to explore both within and without. Sometimes the path can be rocky and the ascent steep.

Sometimes we find ourselves in darkness surrounded by "what ifs." Sometimes we feel we are trying to wade to shore through deep currents when things get tough. We may be at the end of this year but we have but begun the journey.

Don't worry though, God gives us all the time we need to complete it. There are many new discoveries to make, but remember we are never alone in our sojourn for God is guiding us and the angels walk with us, and we are surrounded by unconditional love.

It sustains us and enfolds us and protects us along the way. Go in peace! We're as ready as we will ever be to continue the journey. Divine substance provides for our needs in abundance. You but need ask. Ask and you shall receive help, supply, guidance, grace, and love.

Just ask and the power is yours. Ask, ask, ask. Surrender expectations and you will find unlimited joy. Then give thanks. Then watch what happens. Your life will be filled with wonder, synchronicity, and miracles too. All with your name on them.

Never forget that you have all you need. Be aware... creative abundance is a law unto itself and simplistic once one learns it along with they many joys revealed in the small moments. It is a spiraling that leads you every higher.

If you pause on the road you will see the wonderful vista of the path you have traveled thus far and it will fill you with wonder. You've withstood storms, experienced contentment, lived in both the shadows and the light.

Check your log book and your spiritual compass. Believe in yourself. Trust in God to help you on the right path for He loves you unconditionally. Believe in the one who believes in you. All things are possible when you believe and blessings are plentiful.

The soul awakens when you practice gratitude. Live in simplicity, order, harmony and love, and you will experience the beauty of a joyful existence. Pray your journey be a long one wth many stops along the way to savor for they are filled with marvelous, meaningful, memorable blessings.

Live at your own pace, do not rush through the journey but hold it, and all the safe harbors along the way. Each new day is an experience you have never lived before, full of new wonders and hidden treasures.

Seek authenticity for it is truly sacred, filled with many new discoveries of self. It is an ongoing experience of continuous growth. The woman of tomorrow is not the same as today, and yesterday is but a memory, a shadow of the new self.

No longer will you see things as they do, for you are constantly a new you. For you are always reaching new places, and when the mists part you will find the faith that you need to smother the doubts you encounter. Enjoy the journey.