Friday, December 11, 2015

Love yourself

One cannot love and be self-destructive, that is a denial of truth. It is the ultimate lie. When you truly accept love then you also must honor yourself as loveable, that is the ultimate truth, and deepest reality of life.

Find the ember that is love within and you will find yourself embracing the world in love. Pray for all the possibilities not as a self-defense but as a joy, a powerful force to be cherished. It allows us to know and be known and open the doorway to greater truth and oneness.

We are mirrors of God, let His light shine through your spirit. Embrace yourself in His love and recognize the soul 's process of acceptance and growth, of the beauty and wonder of being. We are all capable of being loved, guided, cherished, first by God, then by ourselves, and others.

We all have a purpose to teach as well as to learn. Communicate with love as your guide. Be compassionate with yourself and you will gain wisdom for that is the soul's purpose. Give the gift of self to others.

If we were to be grateful for ourselves, what would we learn? A greater kindness toward others and acceptance of self. For not to love the being God created as you is to be in fear. To hide from truth. To be judgemental and devalue His creation.

To love is to allow healing. None of us are alone in this world. When we deny ourselves, we deny others, and rob them of our gift of self, of our contribution to life, and leave them with a sense of guilt, of unfulfillment. Let your mirror accept the grace to love.