Saturday, December 26, 2015

Review and Renew

It is time to get back to work. To put away the trappings of the holiday but to keep its joy and love alive within our heart. Soon a new year will be beginning. It is a good time to reflect upon and review all the blessings of the past year.

The gifts of friendships we have gained and maintained. The love of parents, children, grandchildren, and other family members we hold dear. Those who have moved away but we keep them near through communication in writing, by phone, or on the net.

The heart knows no distance. We have had the opportunity to call or write all those both near and dear with Christmas and Holiday greetings and receive an abundance in return. New avenues have opened for many of us to learn new things and to start out on a new road to a new vocation, to fulfill dreams once tucked away all but forgotten.

God has reminded us that our purpose is yet unfulfilled and dusted them off and set us on a new journey. New doors have opened and the wonder of discovery is lit anew within our spirit. We have learned not to be too comfortable as God has many surprises yet in store.

He has supplied an abundance from unexpected sources. We have learned to practice faith not fear. To ask God for guidance and assistance in all aspects of our life. To include Him in our everyday and to have a greater sense of gratitude.

Life is filled with unexpected surprises, wonder, and secrets as yet unrevealed. Each day has become a gift to be treasured and lived in more awareness and deeper consciousness.

God's touch is everywhere we look. In all seasons. In each leaf, each feather, each cloud that passes by and we feel a new depth to our living than ever before and a greater appreciation of all things no matter how small.

Nothing is dismissed or insignificant but seen in a new light and looked at with greater meaning. We look for the lessons to be learned and the message sent our way. We have truly learned to look and listen and to feel blessed with each new day!