Tuesday, December 29, 2015


We are not strangers to others but the possibilities of friendships, of loved ones, of growth through knowledge. Each relationship is an opportunity to experience. We are all God's children, see the Divine in others as well as yourself.

Only then can you be grateful for each meeting, whether it be only a brief encounter, or develop into a greater knowing, each experience is a gift. See more than the outer shell, look into the soul, for therein lies truth, and the brotherhood of God.

If everyone would acknowledge the spirit of God within others there would be no hate, or prejudice, no wars, or famine, for we would embrace in recognition that part of self we all share with the all-that-I-am and is.

Clean your interior house of the debris that prevents you from loving and accepting others. Live with integrity and you live with God. There is a oneness in spirit we can find outside our door. Open it, breathe in the freshness and put out the welcome mat and you will find the possibilities boundless.

There is a freedom in allowing ourselves to be open and accepting to new experiences. There is no truth behind closed doors, only fear. We live in a world of infinite possibility. Souls come together to grow, to experience lessons, sometimes to move on quickly, and sometimes to become part of our lives.

Do not cling to order but welcome change in all its possibilities for within lies greater understanding. Relationships are not meant to remain static and some are meant to be release. Do it with love so that they may follow their path to greater possibilities and love.